UPSOM Scholarly Research Project Proposal
To submit your proposal onto your SRP Portfolio on Navigator, you will need to identify the mentor. You will then upload the research proposal, which is to be authored by yourself and in your own words. The application must be reviewed with your mentor prior to submission.

The project proposal, which constitutes the application, must contain the following sections with the indicated headings:

  • Title: This includes the project title, student name, and name(s) and department affiliation(s) of the mentor(s).
  • Hypothesis: A statement of the hypothesis/hypotheses to be tested and major aim(s) to be addressed. If a hypothesis is not appropriate because qualitative methods are employed in this project, please provide justification and clearly state the research question that will be addressed.
  • Background: A brief summary of pertinent background information including selected literature citations. The section should make clear the rationale for the hypothesis. (Sections 2 & 3 may be reversed in order.)
  • Methodology: A description of the methods to be employed, materials to be utilized, and plan for data analysis. This section should be sufficiently thorough and detailed to allow a reviewer to assess the rigor and feasibility of the project and demonstrate how you will test your hypothesis. If the project is a continuation of summer work, state what was accomplished last summer and what will be done during the next two years.
  • Significance: A brief statement of the expected significance of the study.
  • Role of student: Clearly state the student’s roles and responsibilities in the project. If a student is to be incorporated into a larger project, state how the student’s role may overlap with, and be differentiated from, that of others on the project.
  • Ethical Approval: You must provide information on ethical approval for your project. Please state if your project has IRB, IACUC, CORID or QA/QI approval, if you plan on applying for approval or exemption, or if your study does not involve animal or human subjects. It is not necessary to have agency approval at the time the SRP proposal is submitted, but you must specify your intentions and a timeline for seeking agency approval. An application for ethical approval must be submitted prior to the July 1st quarterly report in order to demonstrate satisfactory progress. Additional information can be found in the FAQ for the SRP in question 9 (What do I need to know about ethical status…?).
  • References: A small number (< 5) of critical references usually suffices.
    The proposal is limited to 2 single-spaced pages, including references. Use 10 or 12 point font and 1″ margins on all sides.Proposals that do not conform to the above instructions may be returned, without approval, for revision.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the Scholarly Research Project Directors:

  • Don DeFranco, PhD (412-624-4259)
  • Gwen Sowa M.D., Ph.D. (648-1091)
  • Judy Chang, M.D., MPH (412-641-1133)
  • Molly Conroy, M.D., MPH (412-383-1650)
  • Rebecca Hughey, PhD (412-383-8949)
  • Brad Dicianno, M.D. (412-648-6138)
  • John Fowler, M.D. (412-605-3264)
    Scholarly Research Project proposals will be evaluated by the Scholarly Research Project Directors.Note: A summer research project may form the starting point for your Scholarly Research Project with continued, related longitudinal activity during the next 2+ years.