Scholarly Research Project Highlights

Development of a transcription factor decoy targeting STAT3 for systemic administration as cancer therapy.
Student: Ms. Nivedita Sahu
Mentor: Jennifer Grandis, M.D, Otolaryngology

Notch signaling with delta-like-ligand-1 is dependent on WASp and induces a Th1 type T-Cell response independently of MHC-TCR interaction
Student: Mr. Matthew Taylor
Mentor: Yatin Vyas, M.D., Pediatrics

Subjective and objective sleep characteristics, reward-related brain function and development in adolescents
Student: Ms. Stephanie Holm
Mentor: Erika Forbes, Ph.D., Psychiatry

Treatment of EGFR-inhibitor induced skin rash.
Student: Ms. Rebecca Pomerantz
Mentor: Lora Geskin, M.D., Dermatology