Suggestion for Successful Mentorship

A guide for mentors
Thank you for your interest in the Scholarly Research Project, a vital research and educational component of the medical school curriculum and a requirement for graduation for our students. The Scholarly Research Project is conducted by the student under your guidance, and is formulated in conjunction with you. The Scholarly Research Project directors provide oversight for the individual projects, and will offer guidance regarding the students’ successful completion of the project. Please keep in mind the following when designing a Scholarly Research Project with your student:

  1. Each student will have a different degree of familiarity with research. The best project is one in which the student can learn the required techniques for relatively easily, so that most of the time can be spent on data generation and analysis.
  2. The best project for a student is one that already exists in some form within your research portfolio, and for which a modification of some form can be created for the student. This approach maximizes your “Buy-in” the project, and makes it more likely that funding as well as ethical approval are available.
  3. Scholarly Research Project students are not Graduate Students. They are medical students that are performing their Scholarly Research Projects. Because they will be spending so much time completing their medical school requirements, they will have varying amounts of time available to spend on their project, which will be determined by where they are in the academic calendar. However, their high commitment to the project, and to you as their mentor, should not decrease, and so you should expect ongoing communication in person and electronically throughout the course of the project.
  4. Scholarly Research Project students are researchers. They are expected to devote time and energy to their projects, and to be part of a published manuscript of some sort at its completion.Student and Mentor Step-by-Step Instructions for the Scholarly Research Project (SRP) Proposal Process
    Not sure what you need to be doing for the Scholarly Research Project proposal or how to use the student project website to complete the approval process? Follow the instructions below to complete your proposal.Student instructions:
    1. Login to Navigator and click the “Portfolios” tab; go directly to the Portfolios site and log in.
    2. Click on your name under the “Scholarly Project Project” header.
    3. Click “Edit Project Title and Mentor” in Project Title area.
    4. Fill out form, select your mentor, and click “Submit” button.
    * If your mentor is not on the list please add the first and last name, and make sure to provide their preferred email.
    5. Click “Edit Ethical Status information” link under “Ethical Status”.
    * Fill out form and click “Submit” button.
    6. Click “Project Proposal”  and upload your SRP proposal
    * Click “Add File” and locate your project proposal in either Word or .pdf
    * Follow the instructions for the project proposal on SRP program site.
    7.If proposal returned, respond to mentor / SRP director comments posted in the discussion board.

    Mentor instructions:
    1. Guide your student during the proposal development.
    2. Wait until you receive a proposal approval email request from the system.
    3. Click the link in the email:
    * Cut and paste the link into your browser address bar if not “clickable”.
    4. Log into your student’s site using your medical school username and password.
    5. Open and review the proposal document under “Project Proposal”.
    6. If proposal is acceptable (see criteria for evaluation of proposals), click “Approve” button to the left of “Mentor approval” action under “Project Proposal Actions”.
    7. If proposal needs revision, click “Return” button to the left of “Mentor approval” action under “Project Proposal Actions”.
    * Click “New Discussion” under “Discussion” area to post your feedback.
    Questions / Problems: If you cannot remember your username or password, please contact the HELP Desk (4-4357).  If you have questions about the Scholarly Research Project, please contact Suzann Beardsley (, Scholarly Research Project Administrator, 412-648-9639.