Travel/Conference Award Policy

The Student Research Program (SRP) offers Conference Awards to provide financial assistance and recognition to all currently enrolled NON-PSTP/CSTP/OMF and NON-MSTP medical students at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (UPSOM). Only students who are the presenting author on a paper or poster related to their Longitudinal Research Project (LRP) work are eligible to receive an LRP Conference Award. Awards can also be given for PREP/DSRP related work if the presented work is for the same general topic and with the same mentor as a student’s LRP.

LRP Conference Awards can be used for registration, lodging and transportation for up to $500 in total per student during a student’s enrollment at UPSOM. Students are directed to the University of Pittsburgh policies for allowable travel expenses (, which will be followed for the LRP Conference Awards.  An applicant attending an event in Allegheny County is eligible to receive reimbursement only for registration.

Students who receive an LRP Conference Award are REQUIRED to:

  1. Submit an application at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the conference.
  2. Acknowledge the UPSOM SRP for support in the presentation (oral or poster).
  3. Present a poster at the annual Scholar’s Day during their MS4 year.
  4. Provide a photo of themselves presenting at the poster or podium (or equivalent online format).

The SRP Directors will grant Conference Awards on a competitive basis after review. Students will be notified of the status of their application within 2 weeks of submission.

Conference award applications will be accepted throughout the year

Please see below for list of other conference award opportunities at the University of Pittsburgh.

Application Process:

Please submit the following documents via email to Pamela Harlow (

(1) Proof of Participation

If you are giving an oral or poster presentation, you must submit proof that your work has been accepted at the conference and a copy of the abstract.

(2) Mentor Letter

Please obtain a letter from your mentor stating:

  1. His/her acknowledgement for this Conference Award application.
  2. That he/she has reviewed the application.

(3) Other Support Received or Pending

Please list all other agencies and organizations (including from the University of Pittsburgh) from whom you have received or applied for financial support to defray costs for conference attendance and travel. Indicate the amount of the conference award (received or pending) and the total cost allowable travel expenses (see above).

(4) Documentation of Estimated Expenses

Registration - documentation can be the website listing registration or an email listing registration. If you already registered, you can also send your receipt.

Lodging - documentation can be hotel website listing room rates or the conference website listing room rates. If you already made a reservation, you can also send your receipt. Please be aware that you cannot split hotel fees with another person.

Travel - plane/bus/train - documentation can be a printout from an online travel search engine (e.g. Expedia or Orbitz), an email from a travel agent with a quote, or a ticketing website showing ticket prices for the source/destination in question. If you already bought your ticket, you can also send your receipt. Please be aware that if you use points this is not reimbursable.

Travel - car – if using your own vehicle, documentation must include mileage between source and destination (such as from MapQuest or Google Maps). If you are renting a car, you should also include an estimate or rental expenses and provide proof from their website.

No payment can be made prior to conference attendance (live or remote). Once the conference has officially ended, please submit the required receipts in .pdf form (no pictures will be accepted) to Pamela Harlow, 593 Scaife Hall. All receipts must show the name of the student making the request, along with payment clearly listed. 

Other Conference Grant Opportunities at the University of Pittsburgh

1. Graduate and Professional School Student Government ($400 maximum)

2. UPSOM Student Executive Council ($350 maximum)

Updated 6/2020